"Dear future prospective owner of an exclusive villa on the Island of Brac in the sunny Croatian Dalmatia!"

If after those words your heart starts beating faster;
you fancy the adorable, exciting views of azure Adriatic Sea;
smell enchanting, heady odors of the sea, pine-trees, olives, vineyard and exquisite seafood cuisine;
feel a mild adrenaline rush;
and your ego whispers in a conspiratorial tone “Yeah, that’s what I dream of …”

Then let us continue our presentation, addressing You as “Dear Dalmatian Deluxe Villa Owner”!


For the price of a decent apartment in downtown London, Paris, Berlin or Moscow, you can have your own turnkey exclusive villa of up to 400 square meters: 3-4 bedrooms with every convenience, spacious living room, eat-in kitchen, dining room, swimming pool, garage, and outdoor area of 11-12 hundred square meters, on the picturesque Croatian Island of Brac, nearby the small idyllic town of Sutivan, surrounded by pine-trees and olives, and what’s most attractive – not more than 150 meters from the sea.

  • Very few estates can offer similar features in that part of Dalmatia, combining gently sloping landscape in the vicinity of well-developed infrastructure with a full set of carefully prepared building and construction projects; it all increases the uniqueness of the Project.
  • Villas on the Croatian coast will become a profitable and effective investment for the future of your family.
  • Croatia is an European Union member as from 01.07.2013.

What adds even more zest to this development project, Royal Marine Villas, is the following.

After close examination of numerous Croatian real-estate websites, one finds out that what they really offer under the brand “villa” is, in most cases, nothing more than large inn-type buildings, with varying degrees of comfort, but actually far from the concept of luxurious villa with its own surrounding grounds!

Luxury villas “as independent stand-alone residences,” that meet the standard of “exclusive Adriatic Island villa” … are simply not constructed for sale to the general public in rather cash-strapped Croatia.
Indeed, this project , Royal Marine Villas, is precisely intended to fill that vacant niche: Croatian elite realestate!

The project «Royal Marine Villas» is intended to fill exactly that vacant niche of Croatian elite real estate!

In view of making your tour around our website Royal Marine Villas as exciting, effective and userfriendly as possible, we suggest the following ‘itinerary’:

First of all, we recommend visiting our webpage page Description which describes the project itself, all its pricing specifications, and its terms of implementation.
If your gut feeling is “Yes, you’re on the right track”, loud and clear; and your professional intuition hints non-stop “That really makes sense…,” then it would be a good idea to browse over to the section “Find Your Villa” (see below) and linger there to thoroughly scrutinize this magnificent project we offer for your serious and ambitious consideration.


For more intimate depths of feeling, turn on the background music showcasing songs of Croatia’s best singers; this will create a breathtaking effect of really being there, and immerse you in the enchanting moods of Dalmatia!

Page “Gallery” enables close acquaintance with all the potential charm of a dwelling – you’ve always dreamed of!

There, we’ve also shared some of our precious private photo albums with you.

The page FAQ contains useful information, and answers frequently asked questions concerning lifestyle on the Island of Brac.

Finally, if you are not only curious to see the faces of the best and brightest representing Royal Marine Villas, but also want to have a more substantial talk with them – welcome to our Contacts page.

We would be very pleased to meet you here in Dalmatia, and arrange an introductory tour to Croatia to show and share with you its beauty and other speechless moments!

We would highly appreciate if you share the information about the project with your friends and acquaintances, respectable and esteemed people, who could be also interested in the project, and … who knows, become your prospective good neighbors..!

Absolute confidentiality, privacy and perfect reliability of the deal are guaranteed!

Our team’s professional slogans are:

We listen to our Clients and understand their needs!

We create positive atmosphere, agreement and cooperation!

We apply innovative approaches for personalized solutions!

We are flexible and open to variations!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever, and need any kind of additional information.

Any time and every time, we are at your constantly personal service!


Sincerely Yours,
Project Managers