Royal Marine Villas : Pricing


  • Basic cost of standard package is Euro 2500/sq.m of a Villa’s indoor building area (living and ancillary premises, corridors, covered verandas, garages). 
The above standard package cost includes:
  1. The cost of the grounds surrounding that villa;
  2.  The cost of the villa’s turnkey housing, when project is of conventional design, including:
    • finished wallplastering in all indoor premises;
    • all utility lines connected (electricity cables, water piping, sewage pipelines);
    • exterior of building decorated with elements of Brac limestone in Dalmatian style;
    • ground areas laid out, with paths and water drains, but does not include landscape gardening, plants, trees;
    • fences, gates and doors.
  3. Complete set of property ownership documents for land and building
Thus, the standard package starting price for Your Deluxe Dalmatian Villa is just 1 million Euros!
The fine indoor décor, furniture, landscape gardening, swimming pool and basement premises, such as wine cellar, sauna … etc will be suited to your preferences and requirements!


  • Conditions and terms of payment are discussed and agreed with each Client on an individual basis!