Royal Marine Villas : Services


We gladly offer our esteemed clients the following value-added services, which undoubtedly serve as very convincing incentives to join our very-rare-and-limited ROYAL MARINE VILLAS opportunity:

  • Trustful Real Estate Management

We will arrange for attentive security, cleaning, maintenance as well as payment of public utilities for your villa both during your absence from and during your restful stay there.

  • Letting Assistance

In recent years the demand for renting Deluxe class villas along the seacoast has zoomed up, especially in the Dalmatian islands, and their limited availability just assures further increase in both the demand and rental cost levels.

  • Profitability from Renting out

Gross rate for a one-week rental of a villa depends on not only the season, but also the luxury class of a villa and its location.

For example, villa R……E, built for her owners in 2011, was rented out during the high season at the rate of more than €10.000 per week; and during 2012 was rented out for a total of 17 weeks, which generated a ROI to its owners of over €100.000 in gross revenue – in just one year!

  • Recreational management and provision of recreational activities and tourism

We would be delighted to offer for your curious consideration a wide range of recreational activities and excursions; plus, you name it – and we’ll get it.

  • Useful information: Business and Taxes in Croatia.

Croatia is a very pleasant and attractive country due not only to its natural beauties, but also to its simple, clear and quite soft taxation system – which additionally increases investment efficiency.