Royal Marine Villas : VILLA 3 (3 bedroom villa)

VILLA 3 (3 bedroom villa)

The charming design of the villa resembles XVIII-XIX century Dalmatian architecture.
The ground area totals 1272 m2.
Total projected area of the villa is 400 m2, its footprint covers 300,0 m2, including the following:

The ground floor of the villa includes:

  • 3 spacious bedrooms with all conveniences and spacious dressing rooms; one is Host’s bedroom of 41 m2 , and two others 29 m2 guest bedrooms;
  • 31 m2 eat-in kitchen with nearby summer cookhouse and BBQ zone 31.2 m2.

On first floor of stylized tower there’s spacious 41.6 m2 living-room in castle ‘chivalrous’ style, and separate open gallery of 32 m2 with magnificent overlooking view.

Patio with swimming-pool, spa and shower, and a terrace covers 257,8 m2; the adjacent greenery zone of 381.7 m2 provides comfort and privacy to owner’s family and friends.

The basement area: is entirely free to use for whatever the owner’s needs and imagination are inclined to including: garage, workshop, wine cellar, billiards & recreation room, home cinema, etc.

Open parking lot for 2 – 4 cars, and separate driveway into the villa’s territory, directly from a calm side street.