Royal Marine Villas : Croatia


Everyone should know that the islands in the sea along the coast of Croatia’s Dalmatia, with their fascinating scenery – are the most beautiful and environmentally safe in the Mediterranean area.

Just imagine 1500 km of picturesque mountainous coast, clear clean sea and subtropical flora!

Six of Croatia’s historical architectural sites have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

One hundred of Croatia’s beaches have been certified by the Blue Flag Ecological Programme.

Add to that the richest historical heritage of the days of Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Venetian Republic, Napoleonic wars and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – and you will see the country’s unique beauty and national colour!

For more than three thousand years, Croatia’s Dalmatia has attracted the eyes of emperors, travelers, adventurers, artistic bohemians and other devotee connoisseurs of what’s truly beautiful.

And what’s more, the generous Slavic nature of the Croatian people with their innate hospitality, makes this blessed land an ideal place for both having holidays and long term living – come and try it!