Royal Marine Villas : Dalmacia


It isn’t really Croatian fiction that the eastern Adriatic coast is the most beautiful coast in the Mediterranean!
As a matter of fact, this is something we have learned from others including globe-trotters, famous seafarers and even Roman Emperors!
The Romans chose this coast to settle and built their villas, palaces, whole towns, in fact – to indulge in leisure, entertainment and delight.
Nowhere else through the Mediterranean you will find so many islands, bays, coves, pitoresque beaches and cliffs glided with sunshine.
The towns along the coast are true jewels of authentic Dalmatian architecture.
Each stone can tell its own story as their memory reaches far back into history, recalling the sails of the Argonauts and those of Roman galleies.

It’s not just a phrase when we say that there are more than a hundred small towns, villages and islands on the Dalmatian coast where one gets the impression that time stopped long ago; somewhere in the Middle Ages or in the Renaisance.
Beside the old towns you will see cypresses and olive trees, lavender and immortelle flowers and vineyards. In the shade of pine trees you will witnes day-to-day life, aboundant with incredible scents and sounds.
Experience the heaving green sea of olive trees and vineyards in the hinterland and notice the scattered herds of sheep, the dry-stone walls and myriad hamlets and villages.
If you wish to see and feel the Mediterranean as its best, all you have to do is visit it and it will become clear to you why the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea is often called the jewel of the Mediterranean.