Royal Marine Villas : Sutivan


Sutivan is a small town of original Dalmatian architecture, located by the sea of the Northwest coast of island Brač.
This tranquil little town with around 600 inhabitants is elevated on the gentle slopes that are amphitheatricaly surrounding it’s beautiful harbour.

Among Sutivan’s most beautiful features are its lovely walking alleys and gardens, as well as carefully decorated yards abundant with Mediterranean vegetation and flowers.

Although Sutivan is among the hottest places on the Adriatic, typically Mediterranean climate and its location by the sea make visits to this town particulary relaxing. Days are hot and suitable for swimming or other sea activities while nights are cool and pleasant for sleeping.

Sutivan’s beaches are well known for their outstanding beauty, beginning with the ones that are located right in the town. Towards the west there are more than twenty unique bays and beaches of different size.
Even in the middle of the summer season, brightness of the sky and cleaness of the sea can be enjoyed there in undisturbed solitude.

During the hottest hours, coolness and rest can be found in shadows of Mediterranean pine and cypresses growing right by the sea.
Sutivan is an ideal place to get away from the stress of a big city, as it possesses the beauty and tranquility which make it perfect choice for discovering complete relaxation.


Festivals and Events

24th of June – St. John’s Day

Sutivan was named after this saint and his day is highly respected in the town. It is also the day of the Sutivan community. During the day there are organized some sport activities (football tournament or “balote” – for women!) as well as spontanious or organized authentical singing performances called “klapa”. The final celebration of this day is in the evening when all gather around big fire in front of the chapel of St. John.

15th of July – 15th of August – Sutivan Summer

“Sutivan summer” (Stivansko lito) is a festival which happens traditionaly every summer in the town and it consists of various cultural and artistic performances. Among others there are all kinds of exibitions of paintings, sculptures or ethnographic collections, open-air theatrical plays, authentical singing performances of “klapa” in the Kavanjin summer residance, painting work-shops, concerts of classical music in the church, jazz evenings and folk-dances or popular dances in the port of Sutivan.

16th of August – St. Roko’s Festivity
St. Roko is the procector of Sutivan. On this day you can participate in the church festivities and join the traditional procession of St. Roko through the town in the morning or in the afternoon hours. Every year it is organized a football tournament for the amateurs. Evening is always reserved for entertainment and dance in Sutivan’s port till the early morning hours.

24th – 30th of July – Extreme Sports’ Summer Festival “Vanka regule”

In the summer time happens traditionaly in Sutivan The Extreme Sports’ Summer Festival called “Vanka regule” (out of rules). This festival consists of various competitions in extreme sports: free climbing on artificial wall and natural stone, mountain biking (disciplines freeride and trial), seminars and courses in free diving etc. The most interesting events of this festival are climbing to the church towers in Sutivan and nearby village of Ložišća as well as various lectures about adventure and extreme sports, or interesting photo exibitions. As a part of “Vanka regule” from 2005 happens also international Outdoor Adventure Film Festival. Evenings are always reserved for concerts and parties of urban music. This festival is worth to visit even if you are not extreme sports’ fan because of the great and relaxed atmosphere and good vibrations. The organiser will surely find a way to amaze you with new and imaginative events every year.